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Getting to Les Fontaines, Chantilly


Additional information for those coming by Thalys or Eurostar or from central Paris replicas de relojes suizos

Thalys and Eurostar arrive at Gare du Nord and the train to Chantilly leaves from the same station, same level.  To buy a ticket you need to go to the left when you get off the Thalys or Eurostar and just beyond platform 18;  on the left you will find the ticket box. Tickets cost 8.70 euro, one way.  Check the platform number to Chantilly on the screens, but it will be close to platform 16 (information booth at platform 16 too).  You need to stamp your ticket in one of the yellow machines, and board at the end of the train (first carriage you find), as that is where you need get off in Chantilly if you are walking.

The train will be heading to Creil or Compiègne, but Chantilly will be marked on the notice boards.  It takes about 30 minutes.  The following were the times of trains from Paris to Chantilly in January.  For the return, you can check the times at the rail station in Chantilly or at les Fontaines.

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Paris to Chantilly

on a weekday

7h07  7h22  7h49  8h22  8h49 9h07  10h37  11h07  12h22  12h37  13h49  14h37  16h07  16h37  17h07  17h22 17h49  18h07  18h34  18h37  18h49  19h07  19h37  20h07  20h48  21h07  21h34 

on a Saturday

6h37  7h22  8h07  8h49  9h07  10h58  11h07  12h40  13h07  14h37  16h37  17h07  17h49  18h37  19h07  19h37

On a Sunday

08h37 9h07 10h58 11h07 13h07 16h07 17h07 17h37 19h07 19h37 19h58 

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